Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer chip repairs?

      We offer free chip repairs with qualified full coverage insurance. Your insurance will cover the cost because it is considered a preventative maintenance. The claim is classified as “no fault” and does not affect your rates.


How long does it take to replace a windshield?

      An average windshield replacement takes between 45 minutes to an hour. After the installation, we recommend that you not wash your vehicle for at least 3 days and to leave the blue tape for approximately 24 hours to complete the installation.


Do you match competitors pricing?

      Yes, we do match or even beat competitors prices. Please call for more information.


What if there is snow or rain on my schedule date?

      We can still replace your auto glass at our shop or we can replace your auto glass in a covered building, for example your garage.


Do you warranty all windshield installations?

      We provide lifetime warranty against all workmanship including leakage of any nature. We guarantee our work and will stand behind it 100%. Any vehicles with rust on the pinch-weld (where the windshield rests) will not be covered, however we do treat the rust to slow down the rust progress.

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